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Guitar players know that choosing the right effects pedals can be an exciting, enjoyable activity. Some, especially those who are serious about their musical craft tend to have more than just a few pedals they use. Many, in fact, actually collect effects pedals, grabbing the latest top models as they arrive on the shelves of their favorite music stores, or as soon as they're available to purchase on the internet. If you're one of many musicians who have grown a collection of effects pedals, the question is: Where do you keep them? Do you place them on top of shelves or inside drawers in your room? Do you pile them one on top of the other in large boxes? Does the way you keep your prized guitar pedals provide them with the proper care and protection that keeps them in top condition?​ Currently, the Pedaler’s ChestTM line is built with the studio, practice place, and your home sanctuary where you write your next opus, in mind.

Pedaler's Chest is a new and innovative custom-made pedal board Colorado guitar players are raving about. Pedaler's Chest was created and built especially for musical artists with a discernible taste for design and an eye for innovation and originality. The Pedaler's Chest is a guitar effects pedal box that is built to house your effects pedals in a smaller footprint. The inner chest has a slide out drawer that can hold up to 6 to 9 pedals, depending on their size. There is a top shelf above the drawer that can accommodate 4 to 5 pedals. The drawer itself, has 2 tiers; the top-tier will hold 4 pedals. In addition, concealed under the drawers top-tier, houses the power supply and cables.

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