About Me

I created and built the Pedaler’s ChestTM for musical artists with a discernible taste for design and an eye for innovation and originality. The Pedaler’s ChestTM is a guitar effect pedal box that is built to house your effect pedals in a smaller footprint. The inner chest has a slide out drawer that can hold up to 9 pedals, depending on their size. There is a top shelf above the drawer that can accommodate 4 to 5 pedals. The drawer itself has 2 tiers, the top tier will hold 4 pedals. In addition, concealed under the drawers top tier is housing for the power supply and cables. Last but not least, the bottom tier will hold up to 4 more pedals. “BUT WAIT, THATS NOT ALL!” Just kidding, seriously though, one of my favorite features is the front chest panel that folds down to reveal a mounted pedal switch controller. Total pedals, 15, depending on size, not including the switch controller and power supply in a space of 18 1/2”x14”x12”

​ I built the Pedaler’s ChestTM line of effect pedal boards to
appease my desire, not only to create a functional solution,
but also to build something of an heirloom quality. Just about
everything manufactured in our modern age is made to be thrown away in two years, sterile of character, lacking of craft, void of artistic integrity. I have spent many pleasurable hours hand crafting my ideas into the physical world. Each one unique in its details and original in design.

Currently, the Pedaler’s ChestTM line is built with the studio, practice place, and your home sanctuary where you write your next opus, in mind. The line includes the Gentleman’s Chest, The Wizard's Grimoire, The Vanity, and the show case piece, The Vintage Chest. An upcoming line for gigging will be the Road Warrior. In addition, there are Mod Kits with various themes, for example, The Vanity has the Mod Kit with the vanity mirror, mini chandelier, and the bling. There is the Mad Scientist that has a mix of Steam Punk, Industrial, and the classic feel of a mad scientist's laboratory, yes a bit of a novelty, however, it looks really cool.